Burger #2: Le Sandwich Américain d’Aures Snack

18 07 2010

Grace à dieu, il reste d’espoir pour ce pays!  That means, thanks be to God, there’s still hope for this country!  I think.  I’m not actually that good at French.  Anyway, tonight I had my second French burger, and I suppose you’ve deduced at this point that it was significantly better than the first.

Remember how I’m in France?  I’m studying in a village in the south called Arles.  Well, we had some time off on account of le Quatorze Juillet, a national holiday (which was on Wednesday, and we got the rest of the week off, which seems a bit much, but whatever, not complaining).  So I hopped myself a train to Briançon, the highest village in Europe, which is in… actually, I don’t know what part of France I’m in.  I think the South-East.  Maybe.  There are mountains here.  Anyway, I’m not here to write about mountains – I’m here to write about Burgers!

Aures Snack

Today I went hiking like a man and all I ate during the day, while I made the Alps my bitches, was half of a baguette, an apple, and a cup of yogurt, all of which cost me 2,60 € (Yeah I figured out how to type the euro symbol on my computer, what of it?).  That is to say, my diet for the day was both healthy and inexpensive.  And that I cannot abide.  So I decided that for dinner, I was gonna head over to Aures Snack, a little snack shack across the street from my hotel.  Good personality, this place, and not a bad location, cause you get to look at the Alps while you munch your burger, for a more epic burger experience.

I wonder if the word munch is somehow derived from the French word mange, meaning eat, which sounds basically the same.

So, about this burger.  It’s listed on the menu as “Le Sandwich Américain,” which I find somewhat funny because, well, good luck finding this sandwich in America.

Maybe in Canada. Maybe.

The first thing you notice, and the first thing I gotta come down on, is that this is a fuckin’ bready sandwich.  Like whoa.  That’s the thing about this country, bread is everywhere.  I dunno if it’s so cheap because they eat it so much or if they eat it so much because it’s so cheap, but in any case, both of these facts are emphatically true.  And this prevalence of bread, or pain, holds true even in burgers.  Here, evidently, the burger is basically buried in this… dome of French bread.  Bread-wise, this is equivalent to eating about six inches of baguette with your burger, and it tastes like baguette.  And that’s… new.

But after you bite your way through the bread barrier, things start to pick up a bit.  The burger patty, known as steak haché, is definitely solid.  Not gourmet, to be sure, but definitely a fine, tasty burger.  But there are two things that really seal the deal on this burger.  First off, Aures Snack garnishes their burgers with their special sauce, a sort of garlicky mayo.  Second, they do something a lot of French sandwich shops do, which is to stick fries right in the sandwich.  I dunno why this doesn’t happen that much in the States, ‘cause it’s rull good.  Anyway, the combination in this “Sandwich Américain” of burger, fries, and mayo, when you get ‘em in a well-proportioned bite, punches out a terrific (if not, in fact, conventionally American) taste.

Oh yeah. That was a well-proportioned bite.

So although I’d like a somewhat higher burger-to-bread ratio, I definitely enjoyed my meal.  If Aures Snack’s goal was to authentically replicate a real American Burger… well, they should talk to a few more Americans.  But for creating a delicious meaty sandwich in the vein of burgers – perhaps a burger’s expatriate cousin – then they have succeeded and I commend them.

However, I needed some grounds to make fun of the French in this much more liberal blog post, so I bought this can of Coca-Cola with Franck Ribéry on it.  It says “Celebrate the Goals.”  Ha ha.  Or not.

More like celebrate the crushing defeat and irreparable humilation on an international scale.

Final thought: I didn’t write “Just another WordPress.com site” up there under my title, and I don’t like it, and I don’t know how to change it.  So… damn.